Saigon Water Bus

What a good news.

Since severals weeks in Saigon, we can travel with a special Bus.

06032018 003bbb

Yes if we look our city, we can find many rivers, channels and this is pleasant travel around the city far from roads… You understand me.

FAR FROM ROAD – with horns, exhaust fumes really, we can no more this life here.


Tp Hcm with Water Bus, what a great idea. I like thinnk about this.


from 8 .00 A.m to 6.30 p.m almost every day, all is possible here.


from Bang Dang district 1 to Linh Dong. our famous Binh Quoi corner… we can travel with no stress here.

What a good idea. I love.

I propose you to visit Binh Quoi and Take photo with quiet sensitiv area.

We are in a modern city.

06032018 001bbb


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