Saigon3days is not dead

Saigon3days is not dead.

I am sure of that.

We had a moment when we had a little confusion. Between business and non profit association.

We can not earn money with charity.

I just want to help people to discover saigon.

My goal is an evidence now. I want meet people how know history and spirit from Saigon… and share about this.

Talk about a parc, a street in each district around here… but never i want become a tourist business.

My wish is create a group around me for help poor people and explain that mother nature is important for us.

Just talk about culture. knowledge. Because i need to learn more.

Talk about peace and create more more more around this goal.

I want find somebody for play music quietly. I need find a cajun box player…

I need work more and more with Theater. My wish create something with vietnamese words…work Theater more and more.

With this theater band we need go in the street and talk with people… and explain… modern life is bad in western countries…because it’s easy to stay alone and never share nothing… but here in Vietnam…modern life need to be tamed…because we live always together…this is an emergency. living together is a good goal.

If we play an artistic piece of theater in street for explain… share share share and stay good with everybody… oh yes at this time we take money for us and share with poor people… I need a little for eat… I don’t need money for become rich.

Just i looking for artist follow me for this.

This is Saigon3days in few time. I work for this until september 2017.

Let’s go


write me .

Look here




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