Coming Back

Back to share
Return for wanting
I do not want to discover La ville anymore.
My idea of sharing was utopian.
I want to create a small book
With my pictures
Very simple
No longer seek to create a team.
Success requires money.
I have no money.
This is not very important.
I still have my camera.




Always i run around This big city and always i love do that, because.. I feel Emotions that give me energy.

People want to come with me. I say, it pays … but nobody pays.
I am free with friends who have no money.
Friends who have money, understand that I need some VND to live gently. I say thank you.
Those who do not have money, yes I want to share for free.
I also want to give more for the orphans … but I’m not yet famous enough for that.



This is my goal. Become more and more famous, not for become rich…hi hi this is impossible..when you try to work with Art.

No I try to work with social network every day for that.

Lead people to watch the culture of Vietnam, French culture to deeper places.
And also show that the orphan children, need us, from you.



I also want to show that the love of our peoples. The love of a mother for his son, the love of our culture … is a great door that opens … to say no to those who sell weapons. Not to hatred.



I count on you to help me talk about peace, talk about love and culture. How? By sharing my blog, my facebook …
Speaking also of your poetic texts. You can come with me … I give you the hand, yes, come, you will see, we can win.



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