17 April the plastic day with cleanup vietnam

I like this stone face … Asian traits and light express wisdom and I need to work these colors because I still perceive lights and profiles I’ve never seen before.
I know nothing at all.
It seems that the art of those who know it is saying nothing.
Yet, I mean, I mean, even if I receive harsh criticism, even though I know my words are not such as a writer, I need to say, I need to show my gratitude for this beautiful country Vietnam.

streetview 17042016 020dddI can never give up even if I am a foreigner, even if I am a naive poet who speaks only beautiful images, this poem is still essential to my life, and everybody will know that it is not only savvy intellectuals can be ownership.
Writing is a profession, somebody said to me, “you should stop writing!” – The innuendos were highlighted. They clearly told me that I had to stop immediately.
When I was young, people told me that: “You’re a poet, a dreamer, a poor fellow who cannot write … but that is not what I’m talking about today. I continue my journey with my camera and my naive thoughts. I cancel from my list those who do not want to get news from my blog … that’s all.
But at the same time, I have ten times the number of people who tell me: “WOW, great I love! You’re great, your work is superb”. Somebody might think it is flattery. And somebody can especially think that my work is not enough artistic quality for satisfying everyone.

streetview 17042016 023bbbIn fact my strength, I tell you now. My strength is not in my verb, neither French nor English. My strength is not also in my photos … many good Vietnamese photographers are much higher profession and I admire them.
So what? Yes my strength is secret; it is my heart for this country and the people I meet every day. Yes it is people that make my heart swell with joy; therefore, my weak and pale words have not enough strength to make me become an excellent writer.
Writing is the panache of somebody. That might be a supposition! They keep their vanity. My humility will win the goodness of people I love, so be it.

streetview 17042016 070bbbYou see, I still remain polite, and you cannot imagine how I am furious to see these oversize egos teach me … because I know the strength of my words.
But it is an eternal problem that mankind must see. Let’s try to make it better ones we love … Although I have no religion but you know, I think I’m striking to a delicate chord.
I can tell everyone that I am the incarnation of Buddha, Jesus Christ and Allah at the same time because they are the same as me, or at least I get to keep the same wisdom as them. The rest is dust, like you and me in a moment. Fools can kill these three famous names, without understanding the intensity of their wisdom. It makes me laugh.
But Buddha, Jesus Christ or Allah is not what I want to talk … no no! I want to use my straggling French syntax to write so like I talk, to tell you what I thought about this Sunday DAY PLASTIC – April 17, 2015.

streetview 17042016 027bbb

Like a knight, Cervantes was with me to give my horse the honor and glory of my actions. Hmm, let me laugh, I was alone arriving to pick up the plastic at the roadside. Alone with myself wanting love Vietnam … And we both took all our courage in three hands … hmm I mean all of us … We were three … Me, Myself and my courage … I hung panels that Mai made in the previous week. Fine panels with excellent design. These signs we posted on Facebook but they are not the only marketing glory. It should also have an idea which seduces everyone. And yes picking up trash on the other side of the road is disreputable activities … I always want to give medals to the garbage because I sincerely believe they deserve more than many others … but what you want, we will not change the world.
I started my first bag and it was hot, hmm very hot … so I pulled out my bottle of fresh water specially prepared for this purpose and it gave me twice the force. A Xe Ôm guy stopped to ask if I wanted to go away with him … but I used my Vietnamese fortune to explain him that I was there is already well, and he could help me to pick up the plastic … He left after being convinced. He might think I was crazy … yes like Don Quixote (with Spanish accent please!) I saw the giant smash between my head and sunburn. I perspired as always to fill 8 or 9 plastic bags (with self-biodegradable bags! It’s better).
At this moment! (This is not an elephant came, but it might be like our good old Coluche!) The workers of a company near me signed and asked me what I’m doing here … I explained and I told them that if they come with me to take photos for the event, we will become good old friends … Yes that’s right, all of the single guys came with me to help me and laugh heartily … You cannot know how much my tears were falling down when I tell you this. Yes … these guys are so simple. Finally, in the eyes of intellectuals, they managed to comfort me in my ideas; ideas that make me say that I love the Vietnamese people. Love and wisdom, respect and mutual support.
After religion, I do not make policy, but the power men in this world should come with me to pick up plastic on the sides of the road … yes because if these men are down, they become real men.

streetview 17042016 029bbbI accept all apologies of Vietnamese and French friends for not coming. Because that day was bad … This weekend is rare and they all had a family meeting where a long planned trip.

streetview 17042016 053Yes I promise, I will not judge, as BUDDHA. I am happy living this day full of grace and evil-smelling. Jesus and Allah have laughter in their beards too.
We will have other opportunities.

streetview 17042016 068I also forgive all motorcycle drivers who switched loan me, strangely looked at me and throwing their plastic bottles on the way. However, we still have to say it is not good, that nature must be respected … but yes, as I told you, you just need to communicate. So if you know any journalists, reporters, please do not give me neither their names nor their relationship, even their email address. No, it should be you, you contact them to say this. You have to be yourself involved with saigon3days. Me? Hmm, I have to go to collect garbage with the guys I met on the roadside.

streetview 17042016 084bbbHey you guys!! It’s so funny! Thank you guys and see you soon!

streetview 17042016 072bbb

Thank You Minh Tran for your translation.


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