Still call Sài Gòn in the hearts

Yes at a time when all will jump, the shot, the bombs, the truths that are useless … At a time when the meters are powered …

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I spoke with a friend yesterday
his job, welcome … new business men in Saigon
Western move their problems with them coming to the East. The stressed life of Parisians, Western is a life that we see here very clearly. When they arrive, they do not see how life is sweet here … Of course in Saigon, tensions exist … but if we look at the soul of Vietnam indeep the eyes … We see the fullness of scents …

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Yes an obvious rhythm that nobody can change. This particularly in Saigon … This city does not change its name because it is so simple to say Sài Gòn.

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Yes even when the storm is here, I mean, war or tropical storm. The people of this city know bend your back … right in the Saigon history.

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Of course people say no, when disturbed … But before force … here we adopt the technique of reed. you know, that our poet Jean de la Fontaine in France. The fable that explains the reed is softer than oak. That’s exactly right. Here is the back plit. I have learned this through my grandmother who lived two wars. She taught folded back, because we are weak … Yes I am sure to have Vietnamese blood in my veins at that time.

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They say yes out of politeness, because Saigon is polished.

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We always say “yes” to not go into unnecessary confrontation … to live well, with a very particular philosophy ….

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Not to live unnecessary tension is thought to be good … We get smiles from early morning for a good day. To take the Ying yang through without ever thinking that one is the opposite of the other.

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No, quite the contrary. an integral part of each other for the good of all. We are nothing, and we’re all together …

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we live, back bent as in rice paddies but we laugh heartily …

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and this history will only repeat … because in Saigon, we are here to live, not to hope.



Yes the philosophy of doing good is important …

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Western people must understand that …

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And when they leave home to talk to Saigon, they must not forget to say that our life is short, we must live and find happiness together. Give not to necessarily to collect, but to live together.

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Sure Saigon is modern and people are working constantly for a better life and despite the heat, despite the difficult times, we can certainly say that this is not paradise here more than elsewhere. As is well known paradise does not exist. Oh there ! But I’ll still bring the wrath of heaven here! Not what I want to especially say is that Saigon is not the city of a fairy Tinker. It is a city where you take the time to enjoy your visit. And once here, do not take a map to walk the streets looking for the war museum, the station or the opera. This is particularly why we must avoid. For in the noisy streets of District 1 we do not see this peaceful life. Because that life is far from here. That’s why Saigon3days was born.

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Walking, running, live at any speed, here too, so do not believe that we have a life lascive.. yes we have a lascive life but not always. Many people work hard here.

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Just be aware that the time for a break, time for sharing with friends …

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This time we can live with ease, across the street …

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in a bar or at home … we must not forget to share good times, together.

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It is the strength of Saigon, this town who now called HO Chi Minh City … still call Saigon in the hearts of men and women of this city.

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