Find a hotel in Saigon

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la vendeuse de balais avant

I will speak here about the streets of Pham Ngu Lao and Bui Viện that form a golden triangle for professionals in tourism and also for thieves … who are professional and methodical.

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Time is not to mention the robberies, but the hotels. I assure you that there are hotels in every corner of Ho Chi Minh City. Saigon is full of hotels, you can come here without worrying about whether or not you will find a room … You can even ask a taxi to take you to the other side of town, and you would still find a hotel. Often cheaper than in the bermuda triangle … Yes because when I go to Bùi Viện every time I’m thinking: “Where are we here?” These are not the Vietnamese people that I am used to meeting every day. Those who respect each other, tell kind words, invite you to eat a small dish or have a drink together … No, you won’t find those Vietnamese there because those who I encounter every day are not used to meeting white people, western people as we say here … They are everywhere except in Pham Ngu Lao, but also around Ben Thanh and still in District 2 around street Thảo Điền … When there are too many white people, the Vietnamese are not the same … but why? All simply because the code “Western people” are not the same. Respect, respect and respect are three words to put in your pocket as a handkerchief. Yet white people are nice, but do not understand how much they would need to bend in order to fit with the Vietnamese community …

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We will never say it enough: Money pollutes the minds of South East Asia as well as the rest of the world.

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Take your suitcase and go to the most remote streets from the city center … you’ll see hotels everywhere. If you want popular you need to go to the streets of District 3 … to find calm, follow the road to District 9 … by bus 30 when the 150 … go down and you’ll see the real Vietnam one that is sweet … trust me, hotels you will find them everywhere.


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