Community spirit

I am using an article found in the book Discovering the Vietnamese culture, written by Mr. Huu Ngoc. Page 827.

The Vietnamese term “Cong Tinh nguoi Vietnam dong” is ambiguous. It could be represented by the community spirit of the Vietnamese, which is generally understood in the sense of national spirit, dedication and devotion to the National community. But this term could be used to translate a concept of cultural and social anthropology opposed to individualism. We shall remember that the concept of  individualism / collectivism is one of the dimensions in which the national cultures differ. In contrary to people of individualistic society, those in the collectivist society are integrated into strong, cohesive groups (family, village, social groups and / or religious) that protect them in exchange for loyalty.

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It is obvious that the Vietnamese culture belongs to this culture of community.

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Through thousands of years, the Vietnamese nation was formed and affirmed by a double historical process. Mongoloid and Negroid mixing of ethnic populations, assimilation of cultures coming from outside.

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According to the revolutionary historian Tran Van Gau, this patriotic ideology was born from the creation of the first state of Viet lakes, Van Lang (the first millennium BC J.C.).

At the dawn of their history, the Vietnamese had to unite closely to deal with heavy flooding and perpetrators of the north.

Culture is like the wind, we live in the wind but we do not see.

09052013 park duong Le DUAN 062bbbMany cultural relics dating back to 3000 survive in contemporary Vietnam, unnoticed by people who do not pay attention.



photos street 11052013 156A mythological legend of the union of the dragon and the fairy who gave birth to kings Hung Vietnamese ancestors is a very active legend in our minds as an annual commemoration is held at the nearest temple in town.

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This year in 2016 – According to forecasts, the Feast of the Temple of Hung Kings 2016 will be held for 5 days (from 12 to 16 April, from 6th to 10th day of the 3rd lunar month) in the area of ​​historical remains dedicated to them in the province of Phu Tho. source –

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The legendary giant child from the village Giong, a national hero who had driven the invader, is honored each year during the spring festivals of several villages. The most posh engagement can not do without betel and areca nut, symbolic offerings that recall an ancient story of conjugal love.

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To talk to someone, you have to guess their age. That’s why a Vietnamese always starts by asking your age in the street … While in France it is rude to ask the age of a lady or an old person, in Vietnam it’s the contrary.

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To find out if you should call someone Uncle, aunt, father, mother, older sister or younger and so on, it is important to follow these codes. So how old are you?

I usually say that I’m 18, and the laughs begin … when actually I am a lot older.

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Let’s get back to our article … we can still find the community spirit nowadays in Vietnam with the worship of the ancient being so important. Viet true native religion, the worship of ancient goddesses and that of mothers (Mau) have a strong resonance within the Vietnamese community.

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The lifestyle of the rice planter in a flooded field keeps its main lines through the centuries. This will contribute to strengthen as the rest of the traditions and ways of working.


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