What we need – what can you do?

What we need – what can you do?
Do you know why we are strong. Because we’re volunteers. Unfortunately we do not always have free time to work effectively with saigon3days ..

But everybody  have confidence in the future with saigon3days.

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We create a folder to find money with crowdfunding. Kiss kiss bank bank. Later with other Website.
This is important for Saigon3days because Hieu is our manager, he need to create a team to build a tourist circuit.

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exactly 5 tours
we need to find people to perform very precise operations.

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1 – Now we organize our lists with e-mail, and create emailing for explain what we do with all followers.
We need someone to handle responses with saigon3days@gmail.com

that person shall be entitled to answer questions in French, but another person in English or another in Vietnamese. Just answer the questions. The Saigon3days philosophy is very easy to understand.

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2 – We need people to create posts with facebook. Florent gives photo with our specialized grup for the team manager.

We have a group for managers only.

When we share information about this group and we want to communicate we need people to share this on facebook different groups in different countries.

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3 – we need a leader to work with google too. display and to connect with facebook.

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4 – We need a leader for  search people and organize  teams. So as a chief of staff, this is difficult because the team will grow. assign tasks is a beautiful but not always easy role.

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5 – we need to find a digital marketing manager.

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6 – we need to find people to talk abroad in England, France, the USA, Germany. looking for Vietnamese people here.

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7 – we need to find people who know the law, official governmental organizations in Vietnam.

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I have many other ideas and needs but I will not disturb you any longer … If you want more information write to us with saigon3days@gmail.com
we find the solution and you will come to our team … here or abroad away, lending us there are always opportunities to be with us.

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Because behind this if saigon3days became famous, we can help more and more children in orphanages. This is the most important.

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Most important yes it is not we but our cause.

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we can go faster with the organization on the days we want to gather to pick up the plastic at the roadside.
I have more and more idea, but if you need more …? you have to ask me so write me with saigon3days@gmail.com… I share with you.

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Why pictures of people here when I talk about the organization of saigon3days … just to make it clear again and again that saigon3days is primarily there to live with a human heart … humanist organization, money, team is nothing. For me the human face of our work is the most important

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thank you

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