Email – is the new email for us.


streetview02032016 156bbb

Because i am not alone today. Because we are a team, we need to create an email for a team.

So we work now about organisation.

We need you for one day… the plastic day. We need you for talk about this day. We need you for talk around you about Saigon3days…

I hope you find time for read our blog.

We need you too for talk about kiss kiss bank bank… because if everybody give 1$ we can create something good… we don’t need more… yes 1 $ for create a tour guide and create communication about saigon3days… it’s not a dream it’s just the good way.

streetshoot29012016 139bbb

One dollar for you, for me, for everybody… with kiss kiss bank bank you pay 1 $ via paypal… if you have not paypal find somebody for this…

streetview02032016 060bbb

Yes we write you soon for know if you want to help us to communicate around our project… i hope so, i am sure you want… many young people are with us…


thank you



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