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When I worked my photos this morning, I thought in my heart … How lucky you are to live here. It is a poetic look that you wear on a culture. For you foreigner it’s always love. Hieu Who will become the trainer guides … the messenger of the philosophy of saigon3days

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Our opportunity is to create a circuit that will be discovered around Saigon, an unusual town, foreign, art, craft. But this discovery will also be supportive, positive, creative.

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So you can find in this post explaining our future circuit. I reveal it here for those who want to. Yes of course it is no secret that we want to keep for us to enrich us.

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Here boats for export pottery by the river..

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Quite the contrary. It is a sharing with the school of Sister Mary … also the center Thuan year .Here

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Thuan year center or other help – Paige Stringer center but also need to Vietnamese students to create workshops.

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This is to help children create drawings, varnished wooden decorations. These works will be sold to raise money. Yes this school principal, explained that a group of Canadian students provided assistance there is already a lot of years, but today no one has followed this line. Yet the Vietnamese students are able to bring the necessary help. I know many of you are already helping associations … I love the young students here for. You are active, dynamic and modern.

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Yes I share the information because of course you can go alone. It’s here

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You can get more information about this center. Just email us with saigon3days@gmail.com .This school is a school for children with hearing problems. There are now 200 children in this center. Some children can go home every night … but not all. Others remain to sleep in the center because their family lives too far.

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A Japanese aid organization already in school. But it must be astronomical sums for those who do not have money.

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A device to apply behind the ear can cost up to $ 5,000, said Sister Mary.

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I checked on the internet. here, that’s right, the price of a unit is huge

I am sad to know that we can find so much money to create and buy bombs, while there is so much need. Is the human mad? Yes certainly,

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but thanks to Sister Marie and Hieu and our guide you will find the way to help these children.

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Chu Lai Thieu Pagoda Ba found a famous pagoda throughout Saigon. Phuc burning incense to seek permission with the gods.

streetview02032016 149bbb

An old wooden pagoda sumptuous …

streetview02032016 156bbb

We will soon talk about the pagodas and symbols … in another post.

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Today I show you just that this pagoda, much less known than the Jade Emperor, worth the trip. You should know that the business men and women come from afar to seek help

streetview02032016 147bbb

In this round there will be pottery. Crafts, to show that Saigon is not only an industrial city.

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Personally I am happy to see Saigon modern, young and dynamic, I’m happy to see people with a much better purchasing power it several years ago.

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But I think we have to say more … complete the crafts … On the contrary, this is the time to do everything to preserve it.

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With Saigon3days we’ll show you a place … different places. Provide help to the craft by sharing it with you.

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Yes I am happy to know that and this is a chance for me to share it. We’ll let you know of people full of humility that will make you make pottery, which will allow you to paint your pig …. or whatever you offer.

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Your job today is to share the blog, tell your friends to follow us on facebook.

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On this blog, our website
Continue our battle together and come and help us, for simple actions. Translation into English and Vietnamese.

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We help manage contacts, design with Thien An, communication with  Khang .. our responsible Communication. You can also write me here.
Give 1 euro when we create a folder kiss kiss bank bank for schools, orphans; To create a position to form guides with Saigon3days.

In short, we help our project in order to communicate about the big issues like global warming by helping Dr. Van Ni. I have write Mr Van Ni but may be you know him. At this time help me to create a better contact with him. We want help him. This is an emergency.
Plans to create a day of action to inform people that we must never throw plastic bags in the street. Coming soon.

Super you’re still here, thank you … laughter!. Yes I know that we are many to believe that nothing is definitively lost if we are still in the positive.

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