The Plastic day with Saigon3days

Dear friend,

I share one email every month with saigon3days

Many people give me their email for this.

If you live in Vietnam may be i need you.

Forward my information.



at this time i looking for sponsor for organise one day – sponsor just for buy  gloves and bags and a glass for the guests … a small amount of money for a large advertising.

Feel free for share this information around you. A company that fight against waste … it’s a winner for tomorrow. Yes we believe in a future. We are spositifs. That’s what I love about this beautiful country Vietnam

streetviewbeforetet17022015 042eee

For  pick-up the plastic on the road. I want invit television, newspaper for this. i take picture for this. Everybody speak about us for this around saigon…and Hanoi i hope somebody follow us too.

i hope friends this day. Can you write me

at this time i am not ready, but i inform everybody when i know the date.

certainly a sunday afternoon…  the soon as possible.

If you have idea about this or suggestion, yes talk to me.

If you have any idea for find sponsor, yes please talk to me.

i am enjoy and i hope we are a team now.

when i know the day exactly, i share with you about this and you can invit many friends for this. the more we are, the more the tv say “Hey young people are really sensitive for our city… it’s could be great.”

we will not become garbage men, just men and women with the purse for the TV …

15 minutes and the rest of the time just we talk, drink coffee together to grow Saigon3days.




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