these three movements

these three movements are back in my brain always that vietnam is an attractive country for tourists to contribute even slightly, with small means each little assist.
for example, buy a lot of postcards from Florent is help florent for 5 euros and help children at the same time for 5 euros.

yes i know it’s not so easy.

Here is one idea among many ideas that I have where we got.

So yes this sounds complicated, but not if we can count to ..euh … 3 … everything becomes simple.

1 – Create a cultural and artistic center to promote the culture of Vietnam. Better explain this culture and increasingly seek always better to preserve traditions while promoting the spirit of modern and creative initiative.

It is named for one day discover Vietnam. Of course we will have much more of a single day for it.



2 – Create a center to help charities and associations specifically for orphans in Vietnam. One day for childrens is more than a day to Saigon3days. This is a cause that affects everyone.


3 – Create an environment protection center and relentlessly we look for partners to help us clean the beaches, nature around us. Educate those around us explain that our planet has to be respected simply.
This division is called one day without plastic

Here’s 1, 2 and 3.

kisses to all


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