How many time

How many times I’ll say … Saigon is a mesmerizing city, a city where people love those who are easy to love. I’m like a fish … This morning I seen a street scene that pleases me … I have not jumped on my bike, but my scooter, yet I love to ride my Bicycle as Freddy, but c is far and it’s hot.

streetview18022016 165ggg

One can even say that the scooter is the most fantastic way to get around in Saigon … at the risk of his life, certainly, but my soul is groomed for Saigon … you risk everything.

As I said, a typical scene of life in this city. I turn around. I see three men under the bridge. cầu Thu Thiem at the crossroads of the road Nguyen Huu Canh.
streetview18022016 021eee

Of course I can not velvet, you know my discretion. I wonder if it bothers to be picked photographed by a stranger.

The gentlemen are xe om, ie taxi scooters … the most resourceful, always in Saigon.

streetview18022016 026ccc

The gentleman told me, you drink a good coffee … ok but a coffee SUA NAME ie a latte … between solid and liquid. a delight to Saigon, nobody will tell me otherwise.

streetview18022016 024ccc

Then the man shouts from the other side of the street in Vietnamese, something like. Arpette and brings us a coffee milk in speed …

streetview18022016 028bbb

hop … and an iced tea at the same time …

it’s me who pays the gentleman said. We exchange our phone number, we laugh two minutes … and he said we must leave, good day.

streetview18022016 028bbb

He told me, when white is a little rest here, people stop more easily. indeed, he had success. he sold 10 tickets in 5 minutes.

streetview18022016 035ddd

What happiness for 10,000 vnd.

streetview18022016 029ccc

Well, I must go, I have to work for my circuit … Saigon3days.
See you soon


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