How i can help us ?

The question recurs, which is normal, because if it is clear to me, I need to explain.

I have already found a way to communicate, motivate, communicate easily without using the goodwill and encouraging everyone to come to me


A – With friends.
I want to find friends, who tell me green button, ok you can write me … red button, I can not, stop writing me with your plans … I myself am overwhelmed. I want a transparent language, but I need a communication. So his friends can participate, but they can tell me without fear. I suggest you stop close valves emails at the moment and you can open it on a certain date for the reflection of our projects.
For me as the others, I can not join an influx of emails … we pick up very quickly, not to have the taste to continue.
I want to find people who think … people who offer me ideas.
I want to invest the teachers of the French school in Saigon, to orphans, to the awareness that one can have with the plastic waste in nature.
But offer a fun program pédagogique..utile.
Everyone agrees, but all are busy, super busy.
then I have to find friends to help me coordinate ideas.
to provide a consistent and positive thing.
B – With the teachers of the French school!
1 – have a maximum project monitoring
2- they still say orphans logic, but this time they finally say something that we can do. useful to our children and orphans. Strangely I have seen computers in orphanages and children like all children of the world are connected to YouTube … and left to themselves they will see productions as stupid and useless. Why not use the computer to play another way together … have a virtual correspondent who will be responsible to bring another culture.
3 – ok environment, but there are already so many associations !!! Yes, but we do not see anything concrete move so we matter. The idea to recover to produce ART … difficult because there is a recovery service that works wonders. it’s just plastic bags, which are often unnecessary thrown on the roadside … so there is a communication work to do more than anything. My initial idea and create shock events, with a maximum of young Vietnamese to call journalists, do a photo essay … about us all around Saigon and the world … These operations will make known Saigon3days concretely to world Vietnamese whole … to tourists too.
But for that I want to bring innovative projects, ideas that can mature why not several. and yes ideas cost nothing, they are often rich can confront other thoughts … that alone is already fighting against individualism in our place and each bring a little for others.


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