Saigon Water Bus

What a good news.

Since severals weeks in Saigon, we can travel with a special Bus.

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Yes if we look our city, we can find many rivers, channels and this is pleasant travel around the city far from roads… You understand me.

FAR FROM ROAD – with horns, exhaust fumes really, we can no more this life here.


Tp Hcm with Water Bus, what a great idea. I like thinnk about this.


from 8 .00 A.m to 6.30 p.m almost every day, all is possible here.


from Bang Dang district 1 to Linh Dong. our famous Binh Quoi corner… we can travel with no stress here.

What a good idea. I love.

I propose you to visit Binh Quoi and Take photo with quiet sensitiv area.

We are in a modern city.

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Do you know how beautiful is your city.

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Yes of course you know.

Saigon is a modern city today.

I hope this city keep this magic view with mix between traditionnal and modern life.

I need to learn more about your history. Learn more about stories in Vietnam.

Today i go in IDECAF, I borrow books that speak of ancient stories. I am happy, people I know have helped fill the library of IDECAF beautiful books in French. With literrature for all.

There is a library for students in the city.
There are museums. these beautiful museums.
Vietnam history
Museum of Fine Arts
but also beautiful museums much smaller which deserve to be visited.

for example Salon Saigon – Heritage of Contemporary Arts here.

Always i will share for you how beautiful is your city.


If you want

If you want visit our city, SAigon.

Do not hesitate.
We can show you the most picturesque places.
The hidden little streets that make our city a historic labyrinth.
A real cave of ALI BABA

It will take you much more than 3 days to visit and understand our city.

My friends know it.
Saigon is a city full of poetry.
Art is present.
Yet I hear around me that Saigon is a city where there is nothing to do.

I will remain courteous, in Saigon fashion
you can always talk, we know.

SAigon3days 2018

Do you know SAigon 3days from before.

A great team.

Nice memory .SAigon3days 2018

But one mistake.

I did not explain strongly enough that this association does not have a commercial profile.
We come here to create a team of volunteers
a team talking about our love for Saigon
From its history
of our experiences
little secrets that you can know.
There is like a magic cave corners to know to be able to judge.
Follow us.


SAigon3days c’est quoi en définitive.

Une association à but non lucratif.
Aider à démontrer que Saigon est une ville magnifique
casser cette image.
Les agences de voyages du monde entier disent
saigon 3 jours cela suffit pour visiter cette ville
C’est faux
Saigon est une ville pleine de secrets
une ville exceptionnelle
il faut avoir de la valeur et de l’esprit pour comprendre la profondeur de cette ville.

Saigon3days is not dead

Saigon3days is not dead.

I am sure of that.

We had a moment when we had a little confusion. Between business and non profit association.

We can not earn money with charity.

I just want to help people to discover saigon.

My goal is an evidence now. I want meet people how know history and spirit from Saigon… and share about this.

Talk about a parc, a street in each district around here… but never i want become a tourist business.

My wish is create a group around me for help poor people and explain that mother nature is important for us.

Just talk about culture. knowledge. Because i need to learn more.

Talk about peace and create more more more around this goal.

I want find somebody for play music quietly. I need find a cajun box player…

I need work more and more with Theater. My wish create something with vietnamese words…work Theater more and more.

With this theater band we need go in the street and talk with people… and explain… modern life is bad in western countries…because it’s easy to stay alone and never share nothing… but here in Vietnam…modern life need to be tamed…because we live always together…this is an emergency. living together is a good goal.

If we play an artistic piece of theater in street for explain… share share share and stay good with everybody… oh yes at this time we take money for us and share with poor people… I need a little for eat… I don’t need money for become rich.

Just i looking for artist follow me for this.

This is Saigon3days in few time. I work for this until september 2017.

Let’s go


write me .

Look here




Sans même savoir ce que c’est l’amour est une alchimie que nous pouvons comprendre lorsque l’on regarde une Maman avec son enfant.


Nous sommes tous d’accord avec cela, une mère ne peut pas soutenir l’idée de voir son enfant se battre pour partir à la guerre.


Et pourtant combien de pays, combien de familles souffrent de cela.

Et pourtant nos télévisions se hâtent de nourrir nos peurs, de créer un audimat pour gonfler les stats…


Je ne peux pas croire que les femmes du monde entier puissent supporter la haine, alors qu’elles ont donné la vie et l’amour.


Comment peut on laisser faire les bombardements… Comment peut-on cautionner la vente de missiles à travers le monde ?


J’ai un rêve, celui de voir les femmes du monde entier dire stop à la bétise, à la barbarie, aux noms de leurs fils… Aux noms de leurs enfants.



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Coming Back

Back to share
Return for wanting
I do not want to discover La ville anymore.
My idea of sharing was utopian.
I want to create a small book
With my pictures
Very simple
No longer seek to create a team.
Success requires money.
I have no money.
This is not very important.
I still have my camera.




Always i run around This big city and always i love do that, because.. I feel Emotions that give me energy.

People want to come with me. I say, it pays … but nobody pays.
I am free with friends who have no money.
Friends who have money, understand that I need some VND to live gently. I say thank you.
Those who do not have money, yes I want to share for free.
I also want to give more for the orphans … but I’m not yet famous enough for that.



This is my goal. Become more and more famous, not for become rich…hi hi this is impossible..when you try to work with Art.

No I try to work with social network every day for that.

Lead people to watch the culture of Vietnam, French culture to deeper places.
And also show that the orphan children, need us, from you.



I also want to show that the love of our peoples. The love of a mother for his son, the love of our culture … is a great door that opens … to say no to those who sell weapons. Not to hatred.



I count on you to help me talk about peace, talk about love and culture. How? By sharing my blog, my facebook …
Speaking also of your poetic texts. You can come with me … I give you the hand, yes, come, you will see, we can win.


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